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The Bandol Wheel® H

There is a large number of materials sensitive to water or for which ones a competition between photolysis and photo-oxidation appears during the weathering process.

Therefore, SEVAR has developed an equipment able to test these materials and to obtain results close to the ones obtained in outdoor exposure, but of course more quickly than classical weathering equipments and for a much lower cost.

The « Wet » version of the BANDOL WHEEL® is based on the classical version of the equipment in which an immersion phase of the samples has been added.
To achieve this, a tank has been installed in the lower part of the test chamber.
The regulation of the solution’s level in this tank allows to adjust the proportion between Wet and Dry cycles from a very precise, sure and reproducible way.

To complete the weathering cycle, a mask can be added in the equipment which permits the introduction of obscurity phases without switching off the light source (increase of the lamp lifetime).

We gave a particular attention when choosing the materials and equipments composing the instrument. Thus, it’s possible to use almost all kind of solutions for the Wet cycle.

Main advantages of the Bandol Wheel® H:

  • possibility to perform tests with all kind of solutions (acid, basic, pesticides, sea water, …),
  • possibility to collect the solution and to analyze it in the laboratory (additives migration, oxidation products, …),
  • simple and reliable immersion system,
  • easy and inexpensive maintenance,
  • very attractive price.